• Synergy

    Synergy is defined as two or more functioning entities coming together to produce a result that would otherwise be unattainable if done independently. With the several companies that are under 211 Enterprises coming together, we are able to work as a team and make things happen that might otherwise never be possible.

  • Community

    211 Enterprises has strong roots in the Santa Clarita Valley. The Santa Clarita Valley takes pride in being a community that is close knit and provides community members with great neighborhoods, schools, and community resources. Being involved within the Santa Clarita Valley Community gives us here at 211 Enterprises the chance to reach out and give back to many differing charities and foundations.

  • Pay It Forward

    The concept of Pay it Forward comes from our belief that doing just one small deed can potentially lead another person to want to pay it forward for another individual. Our hope is that if we continue to pay it forward and do random acts of helping people, more individuals will be inclined to follow our lead and continue the process of paying it forward to others.

The 211 Philosophy

211Enterprises is comprised of hardworking and dedicated individuals who want to make a difference within their community. Like many great entities, 211 Enterprises started with one man’s dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Time and hard work led to the emergence of a unique group of companies all differing in their objectives and goals but tied together at

the heart of 211.  Because the companies that comprise 211 Enterprises are so very different from each other, our talented team has become accustomed to working collectively as a synergistic group of businesses, creating success and opportunities that otherwise may not have been possible. It is our continuous goal to pay it forward to both our community and to hard working individuals alike.

Our journey to becoming 211 Enterprises has helped us grow into a close-knit team that shares the goals of giving back to our community and making positive impacts in the lives of others. We pay it forward and we encourage others to do so as well. You may never know how big of impact you can make in someone’s life with just a small gesture of kindness.

The 211 Team



Doug Heinsberg

Business Development


Hugh Schenkel



Jason McMurray



Peter Choi

Media Director